The Benefits of Owning Stock Certificates

Owning stock certificates can make your investment in your business more than just numbers on a financial report.

There are several advantages to owning stock certificates:

  1. You have tangible evidence that you own part of a major corporation. The stock certificate is printed with the owner’s name and other vital information about the corporation and the number of shares held. The stock certificate is not the stock itself. Instead, it represents in physical form proof that you own stock in the company.
  2. You have a physical record that you can use for legal purposes. This benefit becomes important if you ever find yourself engaged in a dispute over stock ownership. In the event of your death, your legal advisers and heirs have an indisputable record of your stock ownership. You can also use your stock certificate to help you pledge your holdings as collateral for a loan.
  3. Stock certificates are beautiful works of art. You can purchase stock certificates and frame them to display in your office or home. For the business owner, framed stock certificates can represent a desirable reward for employees who own stock in your business.

A stock certificate should always include the name and location of the corporation, the name of the person who purchased the stock, the stock certificate number, the number of shares, and the date the stock was issued. You might also want to include the par value of the stock, also known as the minimum price per share.

Our company offers several packages that allow you to pick the price and features that you want when you order stock certificates. Here are your choices:

  • Standard: The standard package allows you to download your stock certificate and print it out at your convenience. You can choose from several different colors and customize the shareholder name, company name, state, and other essential information. They stock certificate can be printed on one side or both sides.
  • Semi-Custom: These stock certificates are also downloadable. They include all the features of the standard stock certificate package, but offer more stock certificate designs for a more unique look.
  • Custom: This package takes one to two days to produce. As with the other two packages, you will receive an email when your package is ready to download. You get all the standard and semi-custom features along with a selection of borders, the ability to customize information, and the ability to add your company logo or graphic to the certificate. You can also select from several custom, digital corporate seals. And if you need a different type of certificate, such as Preferred Stock, LLC, or Non Par Value, we can help create the right product for your business.


Whichever package you choose, you only pay once and can use the digital file multiple times at no additional charges from us.

Choosing to own stock certificates can provide you with a safe and attractive way to demonstrate your ownership in a corporation, providing benefits to yourself and your employees. You will have a professional-looking stock certificate that will make you even prouder to be a shareholder.

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