General Questions

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
I ordered the document a few minutes ago and I still have not received an email, what should I do?
Part of the document I cannot see, what should I do?
How does the purchasing process work?
I am getting a message that says 'Download limit exceeded' what should I do?
What is the format of the document that I will receive?

Stock Certificates

Can I use certificate more than once?
I am having an issue trying to print my certificate. None of the images are showing up.
Can you customize a stock certificate for me?
What is the difference between PAR and Non-Par value stock?
Do I need any special software to edit the stock certificate?
Can I add a company logo to the stock certificate?

Administration & Printing Software

Is there a FREE trial of the software?
What is the difference between the Stock Certificate Administration and Stock Certificate Printing Software?
Will the software work with a Mac?


How long does it take to produce a physical embosser?
If I want to put a rush on the order how long will it take?
What type of information do you need to complete the physical embosser?
Can I purchase the inserts separate from the metal embosser stamper?