IT Policies and Procedures Manual


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Computer & IT Policies and Procedures Manual

Our IT Policies and Procedures Manual set includes answers to basic IT questions:

  • How long do you need to keep different types of IT Department or Project records?
  • What should by your IT security policy on Network Security, IT acceptable use policy, or Third Party Software?
  • What is the IT disposal policy for the proper method of disposing of IT assets?
  • How does your IT purchasing policy approve and manage new IT vendors, suppliers, or contractors?
  • How do you gauge IT satisfaction?
  • What is the IT Security Policy for handling computer malware?
  • How do you identify and prevent computer security incidents or provide IT risk assessment?
  • What programming standards are needed or in place?
  • What processes are in place for IT troubleshooting, technical support, and IT training?

Computer & Information Technology Policies and Procedures Manual

Finally, a tool to help IT Managers with the volume of work standards that have mushroomed in their departments, ostensibly to implement accepted IT processes such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Capability Maturity Model (CMM), and others. Such tools are, of course, supposed to help us gain better alignment with business goals and more efficient project implementation.

Get Better Results from Your IT Policies

Sometimes, though, this volume of IT documentation can slow rather than speed efficiency.  Despite the growth of documentation, managers note persistent symptoms including an ever-increasing project backlog, and little direct feedback from completed software projects indicating that they are having the desired impact on the business. These are symptoms of lack of alignment of business processes with the business’ goals.

When workers view IT policies and procedures as irrelevant or hard to use, they tend to rely on tribal knowledge—they just ask each other questions. While that can be effective, formal knowledge management systems become superfluous and they die. This invites other problems, like inconsistent product quality, loss of knowledge as people leave, lack of compliance and no audit trail, hoarding of information. All of this puts customer satisfaction and even the company’s future at risk.

IT Department Standards

Written IT standards, policies and procedures need to be aligned with key IT processes and business goals, or users will find workarounds. We hear from IT managers because they think of us as ‘the policies and procedures guys,’ and they sense that “better” procedures, best practices, and time test routines are the answer.

Align IT Processes with Policies and Procedures

But we’re the first ones to suggest that are only part of the answer. When found in abundance, IT policies, procedures and standards could be a symptom of lack of alignment around business goals. It’s like trying to patch an ineffective working relationship by writing down every possible scenario. Of course that’s impossible. And it only hamstrings the creativity and initiative of your best computer professionals.


By playing the role of facilitator, you can help staff and stakeholders collaborate to critique existing business processes, modify them as necessary, and agree on a workable process. As their manager and resource, you can provide communications and training to reinforce buy-in and adoption. Success creates an impetus for further process improvement. With the improved focus, it’s easier to weed out unnecessary processes and get better results.

IT Policy and Procedures Manual Templates Simplify Documentation Writing

No matter what your objective, this prewritten and fully editable information technology policies and procedures manual will simplify your assignment and save you countless hours of research, planning and development time.

The Computer & Information Technology Policies and Procedures Manual comes with 41 prewritten IT procedures, 33 job descriptions, 75 IT forms, a sample CIO manual, and a free Computer and IT Security Guide. You will get over 800 pages of content written by knowledgeable technical writers and reviewed by experts in the field.

Computer & IT Policies and Procedures Manual

A well written Computer & IT policies and procedures Manual reduces costs and improves performance by enhancing consistency and establishing clear criteria for computer, network, hardware, software, IT security, and IT vendors. Establishing consistent best practices and methods are an important component in safeguarding your information systems, IT assets, and IT investments.

The IT Policies and Procedures Manual is written with IT security and compliance in mind. Clearly written IT process procedures simplify compliance with COBIT, ITIL and more

Download Editable IT Department Best Practices

Are you looking to implement Information Technology (IT) management best practices in your IT department or organization? Or are you trying to enhance your IT processes, or simply working to update and improve your IT policies and procedures manual?

Computer & IT Policies and Procedures Manual Templates Save Time

You can save hundreds of hours of research and writing by starting with prewritten information technology policies and procedures manuals. All content is available immediately for download using

Easily editable Microsoft Word templates,

We’ve made these easy to customize – no different than working on any other day-to-day documentation.

Computer & IT Procedures in five critical areas of Information Technology Management:

  • IT Administration Policies
  • IT Asset Management Procedures
  • IT Training, Incident Handling and Technical Support Procedures
  • IT Security and Disaster Recovery Procedures
  • Software Development Procedures

Combined, these IT procedures address important information technology policies such as IT administration, IT vendor management, IT training and support, system and software development, computer asset management, and IT security. Since everything is instantly downloadable, you can start working on implementing IT Policies, Procedures and best practices right away.

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Policies & Procedures

41 prewritten policies and procedures

IT Administration Procedures

E-Mail Policy Procedure
IT Department Satisfaction Procedure

IT Asset Management Procedures

IT Asset Installation Satisfaction Procedure
IT Asset Standards Procedure

IT Security Procedures

IT Access Control Procedure
IT Disaster Recovery Procedure

IT Training & Support Procedures

IT Support Center Procedure
IT Troubleshooting Procedure

IT Software Development Procedures

IT Project Management Procedure
Software Design Procedure


75 corresponding Accounting forms

IT Administration Forms

Computer-Internet Usage Policy Acknowledgement Template
IT Document Change Control Request Template

IT Asset Management Forms

IT Approved Vendor List Template
IT Asset Assessment Checklist Template

IT Security Forms

IT Access Control Log Template
IT Disaster Recovery Plan Template

IT raining & Support Forms

IT Server-Network Support Plan Template
IT Training Requirements List Template

IT Software Development Forms

IT Project Development Database Template
IT Project Status Report Template

Job Descriptions

33 Example Job Descriptions



What’s Included?”

Computer & IT Introduction
“How To” Manual Preparation Guide
Sample IT Policy Manual
IT Security Guide