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Print as many certificates as you want without paying an additional fee. We offer printing certificate software that comes with 12 different stock certificates, including a custom option.



The Simplist and Easiest Way to Print Stock Certificates

Input your text, press a button and you are done!

With digital technology, many common financial items are being changed from paper to electronic.  Bills, checks, and even account statements now come in digital form.  Stock certificates are no exception and companies have been rapidly moving their manually intensive method of keeping records and printing their certificates to an automated system.

One Mistake Can be Costly

  • Are you sick of trying to align the text on a stock certificate?
  • Are you tired of manually having to create the stock certificates?
  • One mistake in administration can be costly and embarrassing, do you have the right procedures and controls in place?
  • Are you collecting the right stock certificate information?
  • Do you have your stock certificate records in a secure environment?
  • What are you providing investors for evidence of ownership?
  • The most important benefit you will ever provide your employees is ownership in your firm, do you provide your employees with regular statements reinforcing this benefit?

A Simple Solution

We have developed a software program that takes the work out of stock certificate printing. All of the procedures, controls, and statements are already developed for you making the job of printing your stock simple and effective. Below are some key features of the program:

Features Benefits
Password Protected Protect yourself from fraud
Simple Navigation Quickly navigate to any part of the software with our simple user interface
FREE Stock Certificates We offer you 12 different stock certificates to choose from – available FREE with the system. PLUS, we offer a custom certificate that you can add your own text and information.
Stock Certificate Printing Only use one system to administer and print stock certificate – eliminating duplicate entries and saving you time

Video Demonstration and Screen Shots

This custom application is easy to use and efficient in its ability to print stock certificates. The program incorporates a series of forms, sample templates and other information that are easily accessible from a convenient Main Menu, as demonstrated in this video:

For more information view

The product VIDEO or Visit our HELP Section

Screen Shots

The user can select and perform a variety of functions using the Main Menu.  All major sections of the software are represented by the icons located on the left side of the table and you can also view a representative sample of the software screens by clicking on view

Function Sub-Tabs Description Screens

  • Companies
  • Stockholders
  • Certificates
  • System Settings
This is where all of the administrative functions are performed. You can easily edit and record information regarding your Stock Certificate Program and transactions. The System Settings allows you to change passwords. View

We provide you with a few tools to help you in administering your stock certificate program. View

  • Administrative Forms
  • Stock Certificate Administration Manual
Receive over $300 worth of FREE bonuses with the purchase of each Stock Certificate Printing Program! View

Customer Feedback

Here are some comments from some of our customers, but try it yourself using our FREE trial:

We did not know this type of program existed, we wish we bought it years ago! - Manager of HR, Allied Resources
Simple easy to use tool – it has saved us a ton of time. - P. Fischer, Fischer Industries
We love this software! Prior to using it we were manually inputting and printing out stock certificates, always having to re-enter much of the information, your program is a life saver. - Barbara Riley, Eco Tourism
This specialized program was well worth the money. - Scott Keefer, Wholesale Bayou
It is hard to deliver on the promise – better, faster, cheaper but when you take into account the time savings coupled with the stock certificate stock we no longer had to buy and being able to develop it instantly – delivers on that promise. - Sean Marin, Accounting Plus
Bonus #1

While we believe digital stock certificate administration is the future, we also realize some people want to slowly transfer over the paperless environment or want to maintain physical records of some transactions.  We have therefore bundled our most popular stock certificate administrative forms.  Sold individually, these products retail for over $175. Each of the documents can be downloaded, customized and used instantly through your own word processing program.

This package includes our 10 top stock administrative forms, including: affidavit for lost, stolen, destroyed stock certificate, assignment of a stock certificate,  transfer of a stock certificate, three different examples of stock purchase agreements, stock agreements for maintaining the continuity of corporate ownership, stock agreement between two corporations, stock transfer ledger, and our stock issuance journal



We provide you with 12 different stock certificates to choose from, a $300 value, if bought separately.  You’ll find these different templates extremely useful to demarcate different issuance’s of stocks and milestones.


FREE Trial

You don’t have to make a decision today, just try our FREE trial(no credit card is required). The trial software gives you 30 days to review and test the functionality of the program prior to making a purchase.  There is no risk so why wait?

If you have some additional questions, please view the FAQ. You will need a program that is widely available such as WinZip which is available as a free trial or 7-Zip to open the download file.


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